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Starbucks, Publix and other places loosen mask restrictions for fully vaccinated

Starbucks, Publix and Walt Disney World are the latest companies to change their masking policies Saturday following new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They join Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Sam’s Club and Costco, which all announced changes to their policies in recent days changes. Thursday’s sudden announcement from the CDC, which said…MORE

University cancels $700,000 in debt for graduates affected by pandemic

Delaware State University is cancelling more than $700,000 in student loans for recent graduates hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. DSU will cancel $730,655 for more than 220 people, the school announced this week. “The average eligible student will qualify for about $3,276 in debt relief,” according to the statement from the historically black, public…MORE

Five people shot, two fatally, at Chicago gathering

Five people were shot, two fatally, during a gathering early Saturday on the South Side of Chicago, police said. Detectives were searching for a yet to be identified person who fled the scene — described by the fire department as a yard party in the Gresham section. A 26-year-old man was shot in the head…MORE

Republican governors are refusing aid from Democrats in Washington

Democrats in Washington have approved trillions of dollars to help Americans weather the coronavirus pandemic, but Republican state officials are pulling back relief for low-income Americans by turning away federal money. In little more than a week, 17 governors have announced they’ll be cutting off pandemic unemployment benefits early, the latest being West Virginia on…MORE

Neanderthal cave discovery and more top space and science stories this week

The colorful handprints of ancient humans. A spacecraft beyond the solar system. They couldn’t be more different, but some of the first known cave art and the Voyager 1 spacecraft are among humanity’s most iconic creations. It can stop you in your tracks when you think about the fact that humans were making art thousands…MORE

Colonial Pipeline returns to ‘normal operations’ after restart

Colonial Pipeline returns to ‘normal operations’ after restart

Colonial Pipeline said Saturday that its pipeline system has returned to “normal operations” after a crippling cyberattack forced a six-day shutdown. “Since this incident began, we have been clear that our focus was on the safe and efficient restoration of service to our pipeline system,” the company said on Twitter. It had launched an initial…MORE

Volcanoes could still be active on Mars

Volcanoes could still be active on Mars

The barren landscape of Mars makes the planet seem like a quiet, frozen desert where nothing has happened for billions of years except for the occasional dust storm. New research, however, suggests that the red planet has a more recent history of activity — and it could still be volcanically active. Scientists still are trying…MORE