Brenda in the Morning

Hi! I’m Brenda Savelli, and I am happy to start your day with you weekday mornings from 6 until 9!

I am from right here in Erie. I have been blessed to have a variety of experiences before settling back down here for good in 2001.  Early in my career, I lived in Ohio, where I taught dance to all ages…but, I always dreamed of being able to travel. I was so fortunate to get a job with Royal Caribbean International as a part of their social/entertainment staff & worked there for almost a decade – so, I did get to see some wonderful places, and meet some wonderful people! Even when I worked abroad, though, I was always happy to get back to Erie. It always made me laugh that other people couldn’t wait to go on a cruise for their vacation, and I couldn’t wait to come back to Erie for mine! There’s just no place like home.

I love being a part of the Classy 100 family and it is an absolute pleasure working side by side with you…but, my favorite part is talking with you face to face – so, if we haven’t met yet, I’m looking forward to it – and if I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting you – I hope to see you again soon!